Temporary Custodians of Islington Mill (2018 - 2028)

Maurice Carlin is an artist and director of Islington Mill. His ‘Performance Publishing’ series has been developed through a series of performances, including Regent Trading Estate, Salford (2013) and Excelsior Works, London (2015). In the latest incarnation of this series, Carlin has conceived of a single extended artwork to be played out in four parts. Maurice will produce a series of unique relief prints of the stone floor surfaces of the derelict 5th floor of Islington Mill.

Carlin’s work will form a key strand of the fundraising programme that will secure a long term future for the Mill by paying for essential renovations and exciting new residential expansions. This will include a permanent facility at Islington Mill for ambitious artistic production, practice and presentation – of which ‘Performance Publishing’ is itself an example. Maurice will donate all the new works he produces to be sold to raise funds for the Mill.

Maurice’s artwork utilises a method inspired by ancient Chinese techniques which reproduced the imprint of stone inscriptions, allowing information to be duplicated and distributed – the first known form of publishing. By ‘publishing’ the stone flags of the Mill’s floor, Maurice’s work will form a double ‘imprint’ that captures both the memory of a creative moment and the physical structure of the Mill itself prior to its radical transformation.

The completed full colour CMYK series will consist of 100 unique and interconnected print pieces taken from the 5th floor surface of Islington Mill. The pieces are available to reserve and purchase at £1000 each. We encourage everyone interested in becoming a custodian to visit the Mill wherever possible to witness the work being produced in the context of the building. For those unable to attend performances, the production of the work will also be live-streamed online.

Using the 5th floor diagram below, we encourage buyers to engage with the production of their pieces through nominating the floor position from which their unique prints will be produced. As imprints of an expansive floor structure, each individual print relates to its immediate neighbour, allowing for pieces to flourish when displayed in clusters. For a limited amount of time, if you wish to purchase clusters of two or more prints, we are able to offer a 50% discount on the second piece in any pair.

Each buyer will receive a silver-foiled certification of purchase and custodianship with their unique artwork, specially designed by Islington Mill artists, Wonder Room. We can frame individual prints for an additional £100. For multiple pieces, please talk to us about other framing options. A number of artworks have already been reserved so please contact us soon to arrange a visit to one of our production dates, or to reserve your print. To buy, enquire or reserve, please contact Lucy Lloyd-Ruck at fundraising@islingtonmill.com or 07789 173796.

What does it mean to be a Temporary Custodian?

Islington Mill is sustained by, and thrives off, the collective energy, ideas and opportunities brought by individuals. we are interested in exploring how a work of art can become the catalyst to develop and sustain a community of interest. To this end, everyone who purchases one of Maurice’s prints has the opportunity to become a Temporary Custodian of Islington Mill for the 10 year period from 2018–2028.

This Custodianship may take the role of a friend, patron, advocate, artist or active participant in our future decision-making. The shape of the role is for Custodians themselves to decide, but possibilities for engagement could include get-togethers with other Custodians, either at the Mill or in online discussion forums, invitations to special occasions and one-off artist events, a dedicated online platform for Custodians who might wish to share their own artwork or other interests, and the opportunity to introduce the Mill to artists who may work and exhibit in the new large-scale production space that you’ve helped to make possible on the 5th floor. The possibilities are open and varied and we are excited to hear how we can build on them together.

For more information about buying or reserving a print and becoming a Temporary Custodian, please contact Lucy Lloyd-Ruck (lucy@islingtonmill.com 07789 173796) or email fundraising@islingtonmill.com

Other artworks for sale

To recognise the diverse spending capacity of our supporters, and to complement the main series of full colour Temporary Custodian pieces, Maurice will also produce a limited collection of single-colour mono prints produced at a series of live events at the Mill. To support the fundraising appeal these pieces will be sold at the live events for £50 and will be available afterwards for £100. Please contact Lucy Lloyd-Ruck (lucy@islingtonmill.com, 07789 173796) for a PDF catalogue of available pieces.

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